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    Nagpur is a city in the central part of India. In Maharashtra State. Left side is the map of Maharashtra state shows the position of Nagpur city. Nagpur district is located between 21*45 N to 20*30 N and 78*15 E to 79*45 E, which essentially indicates that Nagpur district is located in the Deccan Plateau. The adjoining districts are Bhandara on the east, Chandrapur on the south, Amravati and Wardha on the west and in the north shares the boundary with Madhya Pradesh.

    It is practically at geographical center of India, in fact the zero milestone of India is in this city. All major highways NH-7 ( Varanasi - Kanyakumari ) & NH-6 (Mumbai - Sambalpur - Calcutta) and major railways trunk route (Mumbai, Chennai, Howrah * Delhi) pass through the city. Important Central & State Government offices and institutions are located in Nagpur. Industrial Development is existing along the fringe areas like Kamptee, Hingna, Wadi, Khapri, Butibori and Kalmeshwar.

    LakeSpread over 15.4 sq. kms. on the western outskirts of the city, Ambazari Lake is surrounded by a picturesque garden. Boating facilities and good walking trials provide an interesting outdoor activity. The musical fountain addsa romantic flavor to this beautiful spot. Ambazari Lake and Garden LyingThe Ambazari Lake has a beautiful garden beside it, which is one of the most beautiful spots in Nagpur, developed as a model garden by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

Seminary Hill
    The Seminary Hill is one of the prime attractions of the city of Nagpur in Maharshtra to the people who come to visit Nagpur in their leisure time. The Seminary Hill of Nagpur is one of the ideal destinations that the state of Maharashtra offers to all the nature-loving visitors of the state.

    The Seminary Hill at Nagpur has got its name from a seminary, which has earned a lot of repute. The name of this seminary is the Seminary of St. Charles. The Seminary Hill, Nagpur is situated on the outskirts of the city of Nagpur. It lies at a distance of only 6 kms towards the west of the Nagpur old city.

    The main attraction of the Seminary Hill in Nagpur is the natural view that it offers. The Seminary Hill is actually a hillock. One can go up the Seminary Hill, which is not a difficult task and can also be attempted by people who do not take part in trekking on a regular basis. After reaching the peak of the hill, one can get a spectacular view of the whole commercial city of Nagpur.

Maharaj Baug and Zoo
    The Maharaj Baug and Zoo is one of the most popular places among the people who travel to this city of Maharashtra on a vacation. As the name suggests, the Maharaj Baug and Zoo in Nagpur, is an amalgamation of a garden and a zoo.

    The charm of the Maharaj Baug and Zoo of Nagpur lies in the fact that it has a historical lineage, unlike many other places of its kind in India. The Maharaj Baug and Zoo at Nagpur was established a long time back by the rulers who used to belong to the Bhonsle dynasty. There is a fascinating garden, which is called the Maharaj Baug. The name of this garden suggests the historical background of the place.

    However, this historical garden has been now transformed into a botanical garden. There is a zoo within the premises of the Maharaj Baug, which adds to the attraction of the place. Hence, this place is currently called the Maharaj Baug and Zoo. The zoo houses some rare varieties of animals. This zoo also has some different kinds of birds, which are not easily visible in India.

    If one is interested to visit this place of historical importance, then he has to come to Nagpur via air, road or rail. Nagpur has an airport as well as a railway station.The Maharaj Baug and Zoo attracts a variety of people from across the entire country. The people who are inclined towards the nature and those who take interest in the varieties of wildlife throng this place of Nagpur every year.

Balaji Mandir
    The Balaji Mandir is one of the most popular temples of Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra. The deity that is worshipped in the Balaji Mandir of Nagpur is Lord Balaji, who is one of the most commonly worshipped deities of the entire country of India. The people having faith in the Hindu religion worship Lord Balaji with a lot of devotion.

    The Balaji Mandir in Nagpur has the images of one more important deity of the Hindu religion, other than Lord Balaji. The name of this deity is Lord Kartikeya. According to the mythology related to the Hindu religion, Lord Kartikeya is the commander in the army comprising of the Hindu gods.

    One of the reasons for the popularity of the Balaji Mandir at Nagpur is the picturesque surrounding of this religious place. It is located at the Seminary Hills, one of the most important places of interest in the city of Nagpur. The soothing natural beauty of the place adds to the tranquility of the temple area.

    To visit the Balaji Temple one has to first travel to the city of Nagpur. Nagpur is easily accessible from the rest of the country. The closest airport is located at a distance of only 8 kms from the city. Many major places of India are well connected with Nagpur via the Nagpur airways. These places include Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Raipur. The city also houses a railway station, which connect important places of India with Nagpur.

Sitabuldi Fort
    The Sitabuldi Fort is one of the major attractions for the tourists who visit Nagpur on vacation. If you visit Nagpur anytime in your life, then make it sure that you do not forget to visit the Sitabuldi Fort of Nagpur, as this is considered to be one of the jewels of Nagpur.

    The location of the historical place of Sitabuldi Fort at Nagpur adds to the charm of the place. The Sitabuldi Fort is situated on the two hills of Sitabuldi, which are referred to as twins, as they look alike. In fact, the fort has got its name from these hills.

    The specialty of the Sitabuldi Fort in Nagpur is the historical lineage of the place. This fort of Maharashtra was put up as early as in the year 1857, in the pre-independence era. The person who established the Sitabuldi Fort was British by birth. The year of establishment of this well-reputed fort of Nagpur is the same as the year in which the very crucial battle of Plassey was fought.

    From the pre-independent era, the Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur has been one of the major tourist spots of Nagpur. Till today, people come to visit this fort of Nagpur. For the protection of the fort, a trough has been created around the fort.

    There is a memorial that is located inside the fort, which is meant to commemorate the dedication of the soldiers who lost their lives during the well-known war between the British and the Marathas.